Online at the Poet's Workshop

Bring your poems into a serious and supportive environment where they will get considered feedback each week. Work on improving craft at your own pace from the privacy of your own home. Get professional critique from an experienced poet. Enjoy a warm, international poetry community. Join us at The Poet’s Workshop.

Get A Full and Rich Workshop Experience!

Enjoy the workshop any time, day or night at your own schedule. Post a new poem each week and receive feedback from at least two of your workshop buddies. You will also always receive a third critique from me every week. Everything we do is strictly password protected, so there is no worry about anyone outside the workshop seeing your poems. A buddy list is posted each week. The list changes from week to week, so we all get a chance to get to know another poets work. There is a chat room, where you and your buddies can get together and chat about your kids or your jobs or anything you’d like to talk about that isn’t about poetry. The group is usually somewhat internationally based, so these conversations often share our lives and cultures in really interesting ways.

Improve Craft!

We will talk about all aspects of craft, whether within the context of our own poems or reading and talking about the poems of others. We will explore strengths, weaknesses, clarity, emotion, lyricism, music, syntax, surprise, and structure. Learn new revision strategies. Enjoy videos and articles about all aspects of writing and revising poems. Generate new work each week from the weekly prompt or bring existing poems that still require further work. There is a craft corner to post articles, videos and other thoughts about poetry and the craft of poetry. 

It's Easy to Apply!

In order to apply please send 3 poems to me at superema63[at] with a short paragraph about you and your work. Please write “Workshop” in the subject line of the email. This workshop isn’t geared toward beginners and only those serious about improving their poems should apply. 

If you are accepted, the cost of a six week workshop is $250 USD.