Salaam of Birds (Tebot Bach, 2019). Poetry.
Salaam of Birds (Tebot Bach, 2019)

Winner of the 2018 Patricia Bibby First Book Award 


What the Light Reveals (Tebot Bach, 2014). Poetry.
What the Light Reveals (Tebot Bach, 2014)
“Rachel Heimowitz’s collection of poems, What the Light Reveals, is a remarkable debut. This brilliant, sobering, often harrowing – yet always lyrical – account of life in Israel is also a meditation on faith and family, both immediate family and the larger human family as well. As Rachel Heimowitz reckons her place as a woman in a time and place of war, we find ourselves, as readers, enveloped in one of the most intimate and dramatic sequences of poems in recent years. This is a book to cherish.” —David St. John